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An open source chemical toolkit branching off old OpenEye OELib

  • OpenBabel main page
  • JOELib

    A GNU chemical toolkit library written in Java that can be used to calculate molecular descriptors (among other things). This is a redesign and Java adaptation of the initial OpenEye OELib.

  • JOELib home page
  • JOELib at
  • OpenEye OELib

    An open source library from OpenEye written in C++. This project is no more maintained by OpenEye.

  • See "Other" at the bottom of the download page
  • Commercial tools for combinatorial library design

    Elsevier MDL

  • MDL Central Library
  • Available Chemical Directory (ACD)

  • Accelrys

  • Cerius2
  • Chemicals Available for Purchase (CAP)

  • OpenEye

    Free academic licensing is available.

  • OEChem: a Cheminformatics toolkit

    Last site update: 2 February 2007