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CommandLineReader Class Reference

#include <CommandLineReader.h>

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Public Methods

 CommandLineReader (const std::string &p_command_line)
 CommandLineReader (void)
virtual ~CommandLineReader ()
void initialize (void)
void parseLine (const std::string &p_command_line)
const std::string getUsage (void) const
const std::string & getOutputFileName (void) const
const std::vector< std::string > & getLibraryFileNames (void) const
const std::vector< std::string > & getFrozenLibraryNames (void) const
float getFractionGoodHitThreshold (void) const
int getMaximumIteration (void) const
std::string getPropertyAnalysisFileName (void) const
std::vector< std::string > getLibraryDefinitionFileName (void) const
bool getIsCutWhenZeroGoodness (void) const
bool getDoScaleWithSize (void) const
float getScaleWithSizeParam (void) const
std::string getEnumerationStrategy (void) const
int getNumberPartition (void) const
void setFirstFractionToKeep (float p_first_fraction_to_keep)
float getFirstFractionToKeep (void) const

Detailed Description

This class parses the command line options when the program is called.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CommandLineReader::CommandLineReader const std::string &    p_command_line


p_command_line  Text with the options and arguments to be parsed.

CommandLineReader::CommandLineReader void   

Default constructor

virtual CommandLineReader::~CommandLineReader   [inline, virtual]

Default destructor. Nothing to do.

Member Function Documentation

bool CommandLineReader::getDoScaleWithSize void    const

Return 'true' if scaled pruning is requested.

std::string CommandLineReader::getEnumerationStrategy void    const [inline]

Return a string that corresponds to the enumeration strategy. 'part' means that partitioning is requested, 'full' means perform the full enumeration. [This is not a good programming practice]

float CommandLineReader::getFirstFractionToKeep void    const

Return the value of K0, the initial reagent (Fragment) to keep after the first product evaluation (iteration).

float CommandLineReader::getFractionGoodHitThreshold void    const

Return an optimization criteria: the sufficient goodness.

const std::vector<std::string>& CommandLineReader::getFrozenLibraryNames void    const

Return the list of Library names that are not allowed to be pruned.

bool CommandLineReader::getIsCutWhenZeroGoodness void    const

Check if elimination of Fragment with zero goodness only are to be pruned after the first pass.

std::vector<std::string> CommandLineReader::getLibraryDefinitionFileName void    const

Return a list of file names that contain the Input commands/definitions.

const std::vector<std::string>& CommandLineReader::getLibraryFileNames void    const

Return a list of file names where the Fragment are defined for each Library (dimension)

int CommandLineReader::getMaximumIteration void    const

Return an optimization criteria: the maximum number of iteration allowed.

int CommandLineReader::getNumberPartition void    const [inline]

Return the number of reagent per partition requested for partitioning scheme.

const std::string& CommandLineReader::getOutputFileName void    const

Return the file name where the trace and log of the program execution is to be printed.

std::string CommandLineReader::getPropertyAnalysisFileName void    const

If property analysis needs to be performed, this returns the file name where to save the data.

float CommandLineReader::getScaleWithSizeParam void    const

Return the exponent selected for scaled pruning.

const std::string CommandLineReader::getUsage void    const

Return the command line options and argument as expected with an explanation. This is a UNIX like command help.

void CommandLineReader::initialize void   

Reset all the member data.

void CommandLineReader::parseLine const std::string &    p_command_line

Parse a command line. Initialize is first called.

p_command_line  Command line to parse.

void CommandLineReader::setFirstFractionToKeep float    p_first_fraction_to_keep

Value of K0, the initial of reagent (Fragment) to keep after the first product evaluation (iteration).

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