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GlareAlgorithm Class Reference

#include <GlareAlgorithm.h>

Inheritance diagram for GlareAlgorithm:

GlareAlgorithmGoodHit List of all members.

Public Methods

virtual ~GlareAlgorithm ()
virtual bool isOptimized (void)=0
virtual void evaluateGoodness (void)=0
virtual void pruneDimensions (void)=0
virtual std::ostream & getTrace (std::ostream &p_ostream)=0
virtual void reset (void)
void usePartition (bool p_is_using_partition=true)
bool isUsingPartition (void) const
void setNumberPartition (int p_number)
void setLibrarySets (std::vector< LibrarySet * > p_library_sets)
void addLibrarySet (LibrarySet *p_library_set)
void setLibraries (std::vector< Library * > p_libraries)
void addLibrary (Library *p_library)

Detailed Description

Pure abstract class that provides a general interface for optimization.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual GlareAlgorithm::~GlareAlgorithm   [inline, virtual]

Default destructor

Member Function Documentation

void GlareAlgorithm::addLibrary Library   p_library

This add a Library object to the internal Library list.

void GlareAlgorithm::addLibrarySet LibrarySet   p_library_set

Add a single LibrarySet to the internal list.

virtual void GlareAlgorithm::evaluateGoodness void    [pure virtual]

Score the Fragment forming the combinatorial product(s) (LibrarySet).

Implemented in GlareAlgorithmGoodHit.

virtual std::ostream& GlareAlgorithm::getTrace std::ostream &    p_ostream [pure virtual]

Prints to the stream the current status of the optimization.

Implemented in GlareAlgorithmGoodHit.

virtual bool GlareAlgorithm::isOptimized void    [pure virtual]

Returns true when the criteria for optimization are met.

Implemented in GlareAlgorithmGoodHit.

bool GlareAlgorithm::isUsingPartition void    const

Return 'true' if partitioning scheme is used, returns false otherwise.

virtual void GlareAlgorithm::pruneDimensions void    [pure virtual]

Eliminates the undesired Fragments from lists.

Implemented in GlareAlgorithmGoodHit.

virtual void GlareAlgorithm::reset void    [inline, virtual]

Reinitialize this class for a new optimization process.

void GlareAlgorithm::setLibraries std::vector< Library * >    p_libraries

Associates the Library objects to use. This has the effect of loosing any Library objects already in internal list.

void GlareAlgorithm::setLibrarySets std::vector< LibrarySet * >    p_library_sets

Associates the LibrarySet(s) to use. Each LibrarySet corresponds to a combinatorial set. This has the effect of loosing the LibrarySet already present in the list.

void GlareAlgorithm::setNumberPartition int    p_number

Set the minimum number of Fragment to use in a Library partition.

void GlareAlgorithm::usePartition bool    p_is_using_partition = true

Specify that partitioning scheme is to be used.

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