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InputLibrarySet Class Reference

#include <InputLibrarySet.h>

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Public Methods

void addDimension (InputDimension *p_dimension)
void setName (const std::string &p_name)
std::string getName (void) const
std::string toString (void) const
std::vector< InputDimension * > getDimension (void)
std::vector< std::string > getDimensionNames (void) const

Detailed Description

This class is filled following the definition of a combinatorial library from parsing the user input file. It contains a list of InputDimension. The InputDimension will further be converted into a Library and this InputLibrarySet will be converted into a LibrarySet. The Input in front of the class name means that it is the raw result of parsing a user input file.

Member Function Documentation

void InputLibrarySet::addDimension InputDimension   p_dimension [inline]

Add an InputDimension that was created and filled according to the user input file parsing.

std::vector< InputDimension* > InputLibrarySet::getDimension void    [inline]

Return the list of InputDimension object associated with this class.

std::vector< std::string > InputLibrarySet::getDimensionNames void    const

Return the list of the names of each InputDimension associated with the object of InputLibrarySet class.

std::string InputLibrarySet::getName void    const [inline]

Return the name of the corresponding LibrarySet.

void InputLibrarySet::setName const std::string &    p_name [inline]

Set the name of the LibrarySet (combinatorial library).

std::string InputLibrarySet::toString void    const

Return a text containing all the information held by an object of this class.

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