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PartitionLibrarySet Class Reference

#include <PartitionLibrarySet.h>

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Public Methods

 PartitionLibrarySet (void)
 ~PartitionLibrarySet (void)
std::vector< LibrarySet * > buildPartition (LibrarySet *p_library_set, int p_minimum_partition_size)

Detailed Description

This class takes a valid LibrarySet object and split it into many smaller LibrarySet according to the partitioning scheme where the minimum number of element per Library partition is specified. The net effect, as shown in "Truchon and Bayly, JCIM Vol 46, Pages 1536-1548", is tremendously improve performance of enumeration.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PartitionLibrarySet::PartitionLibrarySet void   

Default constructor.

PartitionLibrarySet::~PartitionLibrarySet void   

Default destructor.

Member Function Documentation

std::vector< LibrarySet* > PartitionLibrarySet::buildPartition LibrarySet   p_library_set,
int    p_minimum_partition_size

Use partitioning scheme to transform a combinatorial LibrarySet into many sub LibrarySet in which the minimum number of Fragment per partitionned Library is specified.

p_library_set  Well formed and valide LibrarySet that is splitted into smaller LibrarySets.
p_minimum_partition_size  The minimum number of Fragment per Library in the partitionned Libraries.

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