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InputCombiningRuleParser Class Reference

#include <InputCombiningRuleParser.h>

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Public Methods

 InputCombiningRuleParser (void)
void parse (std::istream &p_istream)
void validateState (void)
const std::vector< InputLibrarySet * > & getInputLibrarySet (void)
const std::vector< InputDimension * > & getInputDimension (void)

Detailed Description

This class contains all the informations given by the user concerning the input data and library definitions and the goodness rule. The role of this class is to parse the input command lines and produce intermediate object lists that can be further used to build internal data structure.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InputCombiningRuleParser::InputCombiningRuleParser void   

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

const std::vector< InputDimension* >& InputCombiningRuleParser::getInputDimension void   

Return the list of libray (dimension) parsed and stored into InputDimension objects.

const std::vector< InputLibrarySet* >& InputCombiningRuleParser::getInputLibrarySet void   

Return the list of library set definitions parsed and stored into InputLibrarySet objects.

void InputCombiningRuleParser::parse std::istream &    p_istream

Parse the input data and build the associated data structure of this class.

void InputCombiningRuleParser::validateState void   

Check if mandatory data has been read and parsed. If something wrong is catched, a IOException is thrown.

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